The unified workflow

The ability to create a virtual radio production environment on a single tablet is no longer a dream for our industry.

Get rid of many disconnected screens and systems. With Pluxbox, adapt your software to your workflow… not the other way around.

All your favorite solutions in one unified screen.

The workflow simplified

Pluxbox solutions are built on a no-code development platform, which helps media companies simplify their transition to cloud-native operations. Pluxbox helps to efficiently orchestrate the entire media supply chain by connecting all the digital tools needed for a company’s workflows within a single interface.

Such a system provides a unified view of all processes for streamlined performance and informed decision-making during schedule or schedule changes. Applications built with Pluxbox have the same level of customization and complexity as with traditional development, but 10 times faster, more resource efficient and require less specialized technical staff for the development process and maintenance.