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Interconnected Networks & Exchange Software

INES is a software for managing telephone calls during radio and television talk shows.

INES is available with telephone hybrids in Pots, ISDN, AoIP or VoIP.


  • More visible lines on the screen to manage more listeners.
  • A great clarity of the animator interface.
  • Display profiles for everyone.
  • Compatible with several brands of insert.
  • Works on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOs).
  • Ines light web app for call management.
  • Rental model « on premise » or « cloud ».

Ines is designed for local, regional and national radio and TV.
Its modularity and price makes it suitable for all studios and all architectures, from the simplest to the most complex.


   Call function

Direct dialing for faster execution. There is a “Confidential” key which makes possible not to memorize the number dialed in the application.

› Fonction Prepare function : Installs a new call on a virtual line without dialing the number.
› Fonction Pretalk function : Allows you to speak with the other party via a telephone handset (for example) before to transfer it on the air.
› Fonction Hold function : Call waiting to go on the air.
› Fonction On Air function : On the air of the correspondent.
› Fonction Drop function : Hang up and delete the line of the correspondent.

   Listeners and correspondents database

Creation of a listener, identified by telephone number.
Very complete database: Coordinates, evaluation (quality of sound, expression, forbidden of antenna, etc.) and in particular a criterion “Fan of” making it possible to easily find listeners to participate in targeted emissions.

Separate database of your station. This function makes it possible to classify the cards of the actors of the radio or TV, such as the chroniclers, in an isolated database.

Get the listener’s sheet from the calling line.

   Lists & Searches

Creating listeners lists to prepare call sequences.

Multi-criteria search engine. The word or phrase is searched in several fields of each form (city, name, phone number, email, fan, etc.).


Ability to create display models of the interface.
These templates are saved in profiles.

Organization of calls on seven lines in four separate spaces, offering the possibility of preparing up to 28 correspondents.

Zoom function so that the leader of the game can focus on the subject being treated and obtain a comfort of display and reading.

   Facebook & Twitter

Showing FaceBook and Twitter threads.

Ability to include proprietary applications to receive their messages.


Interconnected Networks & Exchange Software

INES Light is the INES web app. Only database management functions are available.

INES Light runs in a web browser and is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer.


application Inès

   Cards management

Ines Light is dedicated to the management of cards. Telephony features are not accessible. This application is dedicated to personnel managing call pickup.

Ines light allows call attendants to enter listeners contact information, the topics they want to talk to, and prepare lists of speakers in the programs they are assigned to.

The interface has been specially designed to offer ideal visual comfort and optimize the speed of data entry.

   Users management

Ines Light manages users by granting them rights in the management of cards.

   Brand management

Ines Light makes it possible to manage the different brands or antennas of a media group.

application Inès


Ines Light provides statistics on the listeners who intervened in the programs.

For example :
› Number of interventions for an auditor
› Average duration of intervention
› Display of the cities of residence of the speakers on a map.
› Average age on a show.
› Comparison of the average age of listeners between sessions.

The application Ines Light and the database ‘auditors’ can be hosted in the cloud
or on site and can be rented by monthly payment.

Equipment – Minimum required

Hybrid Servers and Social Network:
(virtualized if equivalent VM resources)
› Intel Core i7 6700k
› 8Go RAM
› Linux Debian
› Recommended Dual Power Chassis (HP-DL360 or equivalent at Dell)
› Linux Suse Serveur ≥ V11 SP4 x64
› Oracle BDD Serveur ≥ 11GR1 x64

Customer Workstations :
› Intel Core i5 6500
› 4Go RAM
› Nvidia G720 or equivalent (resolution 1920 x 1080)
› Windows 7 or 10 Pro.
› 22″ screen minimum – 24″ advisable.

Network :
› 100MBits/s

Hardware :
Ines supports several models of telephone inserts :

› AVT Magic THIP pro


Note :
› The server for the “social media” must be able to access public API Twitter / Facebook, etc.