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ACE Medias Tools appoints Tek-Ally as its distributor for North and South America.

Ace Medias Tools exports Ines and Smart Codecs in North and South America with the american company Tek Ally.
Tek-Ally provides in-market channel support in the Americas, logistics, and manufacturing for overseas media hardware companies.

INES, the TalkShows software
INES is a software for managing telephone calls during radio and television talkshows.
INES is available with telephone hybrids in Pots, ISDN, AoIP or VoIP.
Ines is designed for local, regional and national radio and TV. Its modularity and price makes it suitable for all studios and all architectures, from the simplest to the most complex.

Smart Codecs, The universal remote control for your audio codecs
Smart Codecs is the universal remote control of your set of audio codecs. This very robust application has been developed to standardize the use of several models of codecs RTC, ISDN or IP.
Smart Codecs can interconnect with audio / video grid manager like Lawo VSM or Axon Cerebrum.




Ace Medias Tools – You can rely on us
Founded in 2016, ACE is expanding its business and becomes a major player in the broadcast software industry. ACE develops software and web applications helping radio-tv hosts, journalists, editors or technicians to produce and broadcast audiovisual content. These software are developed by a team of developers eager to constantly rethink software and their uses.
We find simple solutions for the creation of radio and TV programs on a daily basis. Our software are created specifically for users and we emphasize the user approach of our applications.

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